UK.Sh.Ch.Int.Sh.Ch.Dutch/Ger.Ch Mocnys Knoxville NJK'15 EJS'15 CW'16 BWN'16

D.O.B March 9, 2014

"Import Finland "

HD:A     ED:0-0     Eyes:Clear

PRA: Normal/Clear

EIC: Normal/Clear

HNPK: Normal/Clear

SD2: Normal/Clear

Myopathy (CNM): Normal/Clear

Narcolepsy: Normal/Clear

RD-OSD: Normal/Clear

Cardiac Echo Heart: Normal/Clear (o)

Colour: eeBB (pure yellow)

Dentition: Scissor & complete

* Fresh semen can be shipped with the Clone Kit or Minitube

2x BIS-4

3x BIG

13x BOB

21x CAC

3x CC (in the UK)

1x Res.CC (in the UK)

4x Res.CAC

8x Junior CAC

Europa Jugendsieger 2015

Crufts qualified

Dutch Junior Champion

Luxembourg Junior Champion

Sieger Baden'15

Sieger Karlsruhe'15

Res.Dog of the Year 2015 of Group 8

3rd in Mid Limit class @ Crufts 2016

CC at Kent Surrey & Sussex Lab Clubshow (UK)

Sstudbook number (Crufts qualified for Life)

Clubwinner 2016

Dutch Champion

Benelux Winner 2016

International Show Champion

Top Gundog of the Year 2016 at the Top Dog of the Year show in Holland

German VDH Champion

2nd in Openclass @ Crufts 2017


Knox has the best character you could wish for. A real Labrador. He's calm and easy, loves to cuddle, he's kind but outside
he is full of energy and loves to swim/retrieve.


Knox growing up

14 months

8 months

5 months

3,5 months

8 weeks

6 weeks and 5 weeks


Thank you Tiina-Loviisa Rönkkö for your trust!

Knox is available to approved females who are hip, elbow and eye scored. You can contact us at

Ch.Seawind Polish Poker Ch.Wit's End Jacks or Better at Blackwing Ch.Blackwing Superfine
Ch.Wit's End Windfall Vegas Showgirl
Ch.Allegheny's Bells of Ireland Dickendall Buckstone Superman
Ch.Allegheny's Gem of Caer Bren
 Ch.Mysis Usvainen Meri Palabras Ozone Free Ch.Palabras Keep on Movin'
Buttacre Beloved Bessey
Mysis Mediterranea Mallorn's Romeo
Ch.Mysis Island Mist

Knox's parents:

Int.Sh.Ch.Sw.Dutch.Ch.Seawind Polish Poker

Ch.Mysis Usvainen Meri


Some of Knox' critiques:

Quality yellow displaying superb balance and great breed type. Well moulded head with intelligent expression. Dark pigmentation. He excells in his reach
of neck and excellent layback of shoulder. Deep through the brisket and body. Very compact. Powerful hindquarters which enabled him to move with drive
from behind. Presented in excellent condition and was at one with his handler (Luxemburg, Mrs.Wiles-Fone)

Another good yellow that I liked a lot, stands foresquare and was very attentive to handler. Really appreciated his length of leg to body ratio. Up to size,
with a kind masculine head and expression, not overdone at all. Excels in topline which was held on the move. Very good quarters, well developed with defined
second thighs, in decent good coat, an easy free mover. (Crufts 2016, Mr.Johnson)

Well balanced dog, again the head well balanced and typical of the breed. Good eyeshape. Correct tailset. Neck flowing into well placed shoulders.
Super depth and forechest. Good bone & neat feet. Excellent topline & tailset. Strong quarters. Moved very well. In tip top condition. (Karlsruhe, Mrs.Pollock)

Totaal plaatje klopt. Zoet, zacht, lief, mooi gemodelleerd hoofd. Mannelijk. Mooi oog en uitdrukking. Prachtige schouder. Mooie voorborst. Prima polsen,
beste ribben, prima achterhand. Mooie beharing en staart. Prima voeten. Goed gangwerk, een lekker ding. (Bleiswijk, Mrs.Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint).


- 1st in Open + CC in Birmingham -> UK SHOW CHAMPION!!! ... Mr.Jakkel (H)

- 1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG4 in Goes ... Mrs.Halff-van Boven (NL)

- 1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB in Goes ... Mrs.Kadike Skadina (LV)

- 1st in Open + Res.CC ... Mr.Whyte (UK)

- 1st in Open + CC in Scotland (SKC) ... Mrs.Peak (UK)

- 2nd in Open @ Crufts 2017 in Birmingham ... Mrs.Cuthbert (UK)


- 1st in Champion + VDH CAC + DRC CAC + BOS + BOB + BIS in Herrenberg, German Retriever Clubshow ... Mrs.Wiles & Mrs.Jaakkola

- !!!  TOP GUNDOG OF 2016 at the Top Dog of the Year Show in Holland !!!

- 2nd in Champion + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB -> CACIB -> International Show Champion in Kortrijk ... Mrs.Cuthbert (UK)

- 1st in Champion + CAC/CACIB + BOB + Benelux Winner 2016 in Maastricht ... Mr.Vyguzov (R)

- 2nd in Champion + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB in Maastricht ... Mrs.Witkowska (Pl)


- 1st in Open + CAC/CACIB + BOB -> Dutch Champion in Rotterdam ... Mrs.Mensink (NL)

- 1st in Open + Res.CAC/Res.CACIB in Rotterdam

- 1st in Open + CAC + BOB -> CLUBWINNER 2016 at the NLV Clubshow in 2016 ... Mrs.Warendorf (NL) & Mrs.Hodge (UK)

- 1st in Open + VDH CAC in Gymnich ... Mrs.Gawthorpe (UK)

- 1st in Open + VDH CAC + Res. LCD CAC in Gymnich ... Mr.Gawthorpe (UK)

- 1st in Open + CAC + BOS in Klagenfurt, Austrian Retriever Clubshow ... Mrs.Marskell (UK)

- 3rd in Open in Klagenfurt, Austrian Retriever Clubshow ... Mrs.Carpanini (UK)

- 1st in Open + Res.CAC + CACIB in Utrecht ... Mr.Peper (D)

- 1st in Open + CC + BEST IN SHOW at Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Clubshow ... Mrs.McGillivray (UK)

- 3rd in Mid Limit @ Crufts 2016!!! ... Mr.Johnson (UK)

Res. best dog of the Year 2015 of Group 8!

- 3rd in Intermediate in Amsterdam ... Mr.Stigt (NL)

- 1st in Intermediate + CACA + CACIB + BOS + BOB + BIG2 in Wels (Austria) ... Mr.Rosenberg (S)

- 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + BOS + BOB + Sieger Karlsruhe'15 + BIG1 in Karlsruhe ... Mrs.Pollock (UK) & Mrs.Geringer (USA)

- 1st in Intermediate + VDH CAC + LCD CAC + CACIB + BOS + BOB + Sieger Baden'15 in Karlsruhe ... Mr.Pollock (UK)

- 1st in Intermediate + CAC/CACIB + BOB + BIG1 + BIS-4 in Bleiswijk ... Mrs.Adrichem Boogaerd-Kwint (NL) & Mr.Boelaars

- 'Excellent', final cut, at the European Dogshow in Oslo ... Mr.Craig (UK)

- 1st + Junior CAC + Luxembourg Junior Champion in Mertert, Luxembourg ... Mrs.Wiles-Fone (UK)

- 1st + Junior CAC + BOS + BOB + BIG1!!! + Dutch Junior Champion in Arnhem ... Mr.Doedijns (NL) & Mrs.Adrichem Boogaerd-Kwint (NL)

- 1st + Junior CAC + Crufts qualification + Europa Jugendsieger 2015 + Best Junior + BOS + BOB in Dortmund ... Mr.Rosenberg (S)

- 1st + Junior CAC + Best Junior at the German Labrador Clubshow in Alpen ... Mr.Sorensen (D)

- 1st + Junior CAC + CAC + BOS in Goes ... Mrs.Ylä-Mononen (Fi)

- 1st + Junior CAC + CAC + BOS + BOB and selected with the final six in the Gundog Group in Goes... Mr.Bezzecchi (It)

- 2nd in the Puppyclass at the LKN Clubshow ... Mrs.Winter (D)

- 1st + Best Puppy at the NLV Clubshow in Bennekom ... Mrs.Mensink (NL)


- 1st + Best Baby + BIS-4 in Rotterdam ... Mrs.Ruskovaara (F)